Andrew and Jennifer and Family

Andrew and Jennifer live with their family in Central Asia, where there are less than a handful of believers. They run a language center, that allows them to build relationships within the community, with the main focus of making reproducing disciples. 

"Blessed are those who persecute you. When shame and honor are the key motivating factors for how people interact, shaming one’s family and oneself is the worst thing someone could ever do. People are very afraid to share the good news with others because of being shamed by their family and friends. To be shamed/persecuted by your family and friends would mean that one loses all social status and risks the danger of harassment and/or imprisonment. Most of the persecution here comes in the form of being disowned by family and friends. When family and friends are your only support system this means that those who live in poverty already move even further into extreme poverty.  It also means that one’s children will become social outcasts in every way. The persecution here is meant to shame people so much that they would renounce their faith.

Pray for us as we encourage those few believers here to be bold in their faith and not renounce Christ or live in fear. Pray that we, too, can find ways to live out our faith with boldness that encourages and provides an example to those around us. " - Andrew

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